Delivering fashion in
Three Hours 🤯

We help D2C brands get closer to customers with 3- Hour deliveries, Using Dark Stores.

We are India’s first network of dark stores for fashion and lifestyle brands.

How it works


Connect your online store seamlessly into Gazars through an API. Just a few clicks

Dark store

Send inventory to our secure dark stores for scalable
order fulfillment.

Pick and pack

Our dark store teams & systems fulfill orders according to your brand's standards.

3 Hour Delivery

Your customers will get delivered within three hours of order

Download Gozars

Gozars is a team of style enthusiasts, We appreciate the essence of fashion and use a digital platform to bring renowned fashion brands and their flagship products to customers’ doors. We also offer the chance to try items before buy, and, surprise!, we’ll do this within three hours that a customer placing an order.

The gozars advantage

Deliver while others ship

With Gozars, you can take your customer experience to the next level and stand out from other brands with three hour delivery

Increase your brand LTV

By partnering with us Increase your brand ltv with faster deliveries, more visibility and try before buy experience

Warehousing and Fulfilment

partnering with Gozars can help your brand run its operations smoothly and efficiently with Seamless Order Fulfillment

Increased Revenues with Gazars

We can give access to a wider customer base, unique selling points such as three-hour delivery, cost-effective infrastructure, and marketing and promotional support.

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Fulfilment & Warehousing Support
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Repeat Customers for Brands
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Increase in sales for brands
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Reduction in return Orders

Shop like it’s 2050

“We came up with the ecstatic model to impress our customers by making sure they are fully satisfied with the clothes and other fashion brands they buy online”.

“One of the drawbacks faced by customers today is that they order one thing and when it reaches them it somehow doesn’t seem to look as good as it did at the time of placing an order, therefore, to overcome this complication of shopping online, we came up with a unique arrangement to Try and Buy our favourite top brands at homes without going through the difficulty of dragging your feet to the stores and waiting in lines to try and buy the apparels.”

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Our Mission

“Our mission is to support and preserve the rich heritage of Indian weavers and their exquisite fabrics. We are dedicated to empowering the Indian weaving community by providing them with a platform to showcase their unique craftsmanship, and to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for them. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the lost fabrics of India are not forgotten but rather cherished and celebrated for generations to come.”

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